We had our scan yesterday, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. The little bean is 70.4mm at the moment and was moving around so much, I couldnt believe it. Bean is lying from right to left across my belly and is wriggling around like crazy, so obviously very comfortable.
We watched as its hands were going near its mouth and its legs were kicking. It was simply amazing. 
Nurse explained that everything that is meant to be there and developing was, so this was great news and that we have a normal healthy baby. Glorius word “baby” in this scenario, I was relieved to hear it wasnt twins or triplets. Hubby said he would have liked twins, but we’ll see how we cope with one first!! 
Hope you like the photos, I cannot believe how clear his/her profile is, a beautiful little button nose is there, you can see the brain and 2 arms and 2 legs, thankfully 🙂 
After the scan I had to have a blood test, which left me feeling faint and woozy, I also had stomach cramps all afternoon – which I assume is from the pressure of the ultrasound utensil on my stomach. This passed towards the evening, so that stopped me from worrying. 
I think we are off to purchase the first babygrow this evening, I am really excited about this – I can stare at its tinyness for the next 6months and think of our baby growing….

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Last Update: Friday, 30th April 2010