Had a lovely weekend, full of friends and family. Walked the doggies and had some good food. My sister in law brought me some sickness bands, it appears to have worked today. Which is great. I got to midday and I wasnt feeling sick, even though I was hungry. I seem to only get sick when I am hungry, the more often I eat, the better I feel throuhgout the day. I snack on small things throughout the day, basically spreading my lunch across the day, so the fruit and crisps etc will be eaten throughout the day and I save my sarnies etc for lunchtime. 

No scan appointment through the post yet. Another disappointing trip to check the post, I am sure it will come through soon.  We are 10 weeks tomorrow, getting ever closer to the 12 week threshold. Its the most scary journey of my life so far.
 I brought a nice dress at the weekend, a full length flowy dress – its perfect for when I get a big bump in the summer, will be nice and cool too. I was very excited about getting my first item of clothing appropriate for “maternity” wear. Funny how these small things are getting me the most excited. 
We went into John Lewis and Dean saw some little suits for boys, must be a year old or less – for a wedding i presume,but they looked so cute. I think we are both looking forward to getting little clothes and dressing our little baby. 
Have been feeling crampy today, not sure if thats anything major to worry about or not, everyone is so different from pregnancy to pregnancy you cant really seek advice. Everything else is fine, so maybe I wont worry about it too much. 

Looking forward to tomorrow, another week”mile”stone… how exciting?!

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