Well I wanted to get Noah into his new routine, but what with the weather and a night out, it hasnt really gone to plan. The first 2 nights started off fine, he went in his cot and fell asleep there without me rocking him. Then we had a couple of nights with friends over so the cot routine didnt happen. The weekend was just crazy, Noah hasnt been going to be until 9:30pm, I dont really know why… hes been tired and grizzly most nights, just reluctant to sleep. Tonight I tried again, I bathed him half an hour later, let him bounce in his new Door Bouncer and then went up to his cot. He cried for 5/10mins (probably because he was boiling hot) and then I sang to him… he was fast asleep after 15mins! Yes yes, I probably bored him to sleep… very funny.

In the morning he has started to want to sit up next to me on the sofa, where he can watch the TV.. yes he loves his ZingZillas… I thought it was cute:

I just wanted to share a little fact of the day, little man can now sit up properly – with no wobbles! Perfect sitting position… Yippee

Nothing really new to report, he is still waving, high fiving and clapping… he likes to make tutting type noises using his tongue and he’d win any raspberry fight hands down! 
Looking forward to the next month, as I know he will be crawling soon… Eyes in the back of my head then… 

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