A week of heat and seats…

Well in this wicked heat we’ve been having this week, my little man has decided he can sit up now and wants to sit up where ever he can… And watch Cbeebies of course!

A particular favourite at the moment seems to be Show me, Show me! He just loves it and is quite captured by it when it is on!

This week has also been a good week of crawling, he’s now pulling himself along – like an army crawl. videos are on you tube!

We’ve started feeding him lumpier food and he’s been getting on really well with that. He loves cake and custard? Not the healthiest but it’s better than sweets and crisps!!

The sleeping routine seems to be kicking in, we have a bit of play before bedtime and he wears himself out. Then he goes into his cot with his milk. Bless him!

A busy weekend has left us with a tired Noah. So were off to bath and bedtime now…

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