In one of my “mindfulness” moments I asked my Uncle if he could share a poem on my blog, he is very creative and I am glad I have someone who I can share creativity with. I have been trying to find more time for me lately, doing the things I love and reading some of my Uncle’s poems really inspires me to start writing again. I downloaded “Headspace” from the App Store this week and I am going to try and start doing a bit of meditation, clear my head before the busy life. Take 10 minutes to think about nothing at all and see what magic sparks from the blank canvas. And what better way to kick off this creative train of thought than with a thought provoking and inspiring poem…

The first poems that came to me were channelled by spirit in 1990. This is when I began meditating which took me on a journey of discovery & experimentation. I was fascinated with the spirit world and the fact that we I could receive messages from them. I wrote all my poems on a big pad every morning when I woke up. I still remember a vivid dream of being up in the clouds and the hand of God putting a beautiful shell in my ear. I knew  I would have a stronger connection to spirit & that I just had to listen. I joined a meditation group in Leicester where I was studying at University. A couple said they would get the poems written up with the intention of publishing them. When I left that group I lost contact, so somewhere out there is an A4 pad with all my original poems in. I’d love to have them back. Decades passed where I wasn’t as interested or connected to spiritual matters. Material life took over until recently I had that feeling return. I strongly sense the need to sit on my own with a paper and pen and that there’s a message I need to write down. I can try to ignore it but it pesters me until I sit and write. Then the words just come and I see how nicely they all fit together.

This was written on April 30th 2015. The poems seem to come in clusters over a period of a couple of weeks.

There are lessons go unnoticed

Though they’re right under our nose.

How incredible that from a seed

Could come a mighty tree or rose.

& for those seeds to prosper

They need a time of dark & cold.

& Nature’s very giving & wants

This secret to be told.

We’re not here simply to exist

You know God wants the best for you.

He doesn’t just want you to grow

He wants to see you blossom too.

So in your times of darkness

When you can’t find your way

Remember God knows what he’s doing.

So be patient, watch & pray.

& just believe although it’s dark now

That there shall come a brighter day.

You may want to read a couple of posts about my Uncle’s incredible talents: how he helped my cousin and when he told me about my previous house and the uninvited house guest we had. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter – ask him any questions, read his poems and get inspired…

If you have any questions or requests please do comment / share on social, I am already intrigued. 

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