Last night I had a discussion with my Uncle, Stephen Bentley, about how Isla is like a different child since we moved and what he told me was very unexpected: we had a spirit in the house! I was completely shocked that I had no idea, I would expect to see something, hear something or at least feel its presence but I had no inkling. As soon as we moved Isla has started to sleep and is a lot more settled, I know it has only been a week but you cannot argue with that after 18 months of not sleeping and settling…. It gives me goosebumps reading my uncles comments below, but it is absolutely amazing.


“I have a lot of experience with “haunted” houses. Every older property I’ve been in has had a presence. These are normally people who lived in that property and on passing to the spirit world they have chosen to remain in their familiar surroundings. When you die, family or friends in spirit will come for you to take you with them. At this point the majority of people go.  Some who may have no idea that they have died  become confused and cling to the familiar  home. They may have been materialistic in nature and so do not want to leave “their” house. As the saying goes, you can’t take it with you! So they stay in it.  In today’s ever more increasing materialistic society this is an issue that will continue to grow.  They may have been incredibly happy in that property & therefore don’t wish to leave. After all they have no guarantee of what they would be going to if they go with their relatives into the light.

Its a shame we don’t talk more about what happens to us when we die. There would be no fear of death if we all knew the truth. It’s a very simple and natural procedure for us. By us I mean our spirit, our soul. The part of you that makes you…you! We come out of our physical body and we will be aware of friends and family in spirit who encourage us to go with them. They cannot force us. Most go willingly, but in some instances they choose to remain on the Earth plain.


I have known spirits to become extremely angry that other people have moved into “their” property. I have also experienced very friendly spirits who remain in a property. They accept that you all live together there and they enjoy the company. I have in the past had to help move spirits on to the next World. This has taken a lot of understanding for their situation & a lot of explaining! You can’t just force them out. Once they are gone you feel the atmosphere in the property lift immediately. Then, my work there is done : )

The property where my Niece lived was an old house and must have had many occupants living within its walls throughout the years. I wasn’t expecting to see a spirit on the landing though as I came out of the bathroom! I saw it out of the corner of my eye. It came out of my Great Nieces bedroom and went towards her brothers room. I felt like it was looking for them.  It was interested in the children. I knew all this in an instant as I made my way back down the stairs.


Downstairs, my Great Nephews 3rd Birthday party was in full swing. There were friends and family chatting & children playing with toys. For a short while I was aware of the freezing cold presence to my side as I sat by the stairs. He was trying to get my attention. I knew it was a man but I blocked him. I didn’t want to find out who he was or what he wanted at that time. After about ten minutes he must have got the message and he went.

I didn’t tell my Niece as I didn’t want to scare or worry her. But I knew I had one thing that I must do. Later that night when I got home, I sent out protection to the children’s bedrooms. I filled them with light so nothing bad could enter. I knew that spirit had been disturbing the children’s sleep and drawing their energy which was making it stronger and them weaker. My Great Niece especially had not been sleeping well and always seemed to have something wrong. I’ve since found out that there were cold spots in their bedrooms & one of the dogs would sleep watching over that landing. Both signs of spirit activity, especially when the rest of the room is warm.

It’s interesting that from that point they both slept better and as a result their health improved. Now they are in their new home I am pleased to hear they sleep soundly. My Niece wondered if the ghost had followed them. No, he is linked to that old house and the proof is there in the way the children sleep better. I’m sure it will stay that way too.”


If you have any comments that you would like my uncle to feedback on regarding these matters I am sure he would be happy to, so do leave a comment.

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Last Update: Thursday, 28th November 2013