Some say spooky, I say powerfully amazing!

What am I talking about? The world of a psychic! I would know, I am not one, but someone very dear to me is, my Uncle. I could talk for hours about fascinating stories he has told me over the years, including our extra resident at our last house (remind yourself by reading my post). I hope you will see it as amazing, not spooky by the time you have read this.


The bond I have with my Uncle is really strong, I look up to him like an older brother, not an Uncle. I am guessing this is due to the fact he was young when I was born and I spent a lot of time with him, mainly being silly! I have always spent time with him, whenever I could and I love listening to his tales of things he has seen or dreamt. I know he doesn’t talk about it very often and there are only a few people that he does talk to, so it is an honour to be honest that he does speak to me. I can’t talk to many people about it, sometimes it is just personal, sometimes I don’t feel like I can  and so I was very excited when I recently I spent a day with my lovely Cousin, who told me about her experiences with a psychic and I found it so relieving to be able to talk to someone, about my Uncle and the topic itself. I think he’s amazing and so did she after we had finished our conversation – and his “over the telephone” addition to our conversation!


Donna, my cousin (who my Uncle does not know), had been to see her psychic and had a few questions, she didn’t quite understand what some of the comments meant and wanted me to ask my Uncle. We had been talking about the reading for hours in the car and I heard about how the psychic drew friends and relatives from people around her – described them to her clearly and Donna knew who these people were. Those goosebump moments where you think, how on earth did you know that? Describing her partners grandfather down to a ‘t’ for example. I learnt a lot from our conversation, about Donna too, which was lovely and it brought us closer together, I felt, which was a lovely feeling. So later that day I called my Uncle to ask him a few questions, from Donna and his first comment (before I could say anything was “she will be living with him by the end of the year), OK WOW! How did he know? How did he do that? A small confirmation if you like that he is something amazing. He answered my questions, but that felt all quite irrelevant after his initial comment. It blew me away and it’s not the first time he has done that. Donna laughed as she had already been discussing plans with her man and I can confirm that they are now living together – before the end of the year. So there you go Uncle, you were right, not that you needed that confirmation at all.


One of my favourite stories from my Uncle is about a dream he had that was about my late Grandad, I miss him very much and I struggled a lot when he passed away. I couldn’t seem to get on with the fact that he wasn’t here anymore. I talked about it with my Uncle quite a bit and he always reassured me. One particular comment was that Grandad had told him he was happy and was on his way to travel New Zealand, with his brother I think, and that he had his doggy with him. That image has stuck with me ever since. Whenever I think about Grandad I picture him standing up a mountain with his brother and his dog by his side, with his walking clobber on and giving me his huge big smile. I have no idea why I particularly picture him like that, just from my Uncle’s description I suppose. But it comforts me, I would say most days I have that thought and it comforts me. It has helped me a lot too, to think that he is happy and doing what he loved – exploring. So there is that side of readings, not just the WOW element and the how did you know? But the comfort and relief you can feel from knowing something knew. Knowing that someone is happy, getting on with something, or if my Uncle told someone something that only the other person new. He has told me once about a reading he did where the person wanted to ask a question, of the person that is deceased. Only that person would have known the answer, it was to finish off a project and sure enough it worked and came through. It is that kind of story that leaves you feeling really overwhelmed!


Would you be interested in psychic readings? It is something that is scary and spooky to some people, I can understand why, it is really powerful stuff. Some people cannot handle the thought of talking to a deceased loved one, or some people think it is a sick trick. I can see why these thoughts would run into people’s minds, but I am so intrigued into it all that I will have to try it and see for myself. My Uncle cannot do a reading with me, as we are family it would be hard for him to see things he didn’t want to see I suppose and I can imagine it must be extra pressure on him, but I can take other peoples feedback and be safe in the knowledge that he is pretty incredible at what he does. My new years resolution is to go and see someone and get my own reading – and of course discuss it with my Uncle and Donna afterwards.

A little quote from my Uncle:

I think the main reason some people don’t want to believe in an after life or spirits or people being psychic…because it scares them. It opens up questions they aren’t ready to look at yet. It’s actually a very normal & natural thing. We all have a sixth sense & when we are little we see spirits. But we grow out of it as we are taught not to use that side of our brain. But some people have it stronger & the more you use it, like any muscle it gets stronger. Did you know that more people believe in a spirit world & psychic abilities than don’t? I think most people have had an experience they can’t explain in any other way than it was supernatural. 



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  • Penny
    December 15, 2014

    I didn’t know relatives couldn’t read for each other. What a fascinating post, love the photos of you and your friends and family.

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Some say spooky, I say powerfully amazing!

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