Italian food is one of my very favourite types of food, I just love garlic and all the yummy sauces that are whipped up in an Italian kitchen – what better way to celebrate the Italian cuisine than by eating pizza. Pizza Express have just opened a new restaurant in St Neots and it is literally a 2 minute walk from our house. Excellent!


We went with our friends The Rooks, so this meant there were 4 children to keep happy and 4 hungry adults too and I have to admit we all tried something lovely off of the new Spring menu and we were really impressed. It was rather tasty. The children enjoyed their kids packs, including chefs hat, stickers and colouring in sheets – it kept them occupied until their starters came and then when the starters came Isla was very happy tucking in:

DSC_9610 DSC_9615 DSC_9620 DSC_9635 DSC_9645 DSC_9670 DSC_9715 DSC_9725

The starters were the perfect amount of food, we tried the new Leggera Panzanella and the Risotto Fresco, both tasted amazing and were a very healthy option. Just what you need in the Spring and Summer months, something light and tasty. I liked the croutons in the salad, it gave it another dimension, with the added crunch and they tasted lovely too. The risotto was really creamy and the garlic with the salmon went down a treat. I could have eaten it as a main meal.

DSC_9745 DSC_9755

We also tried some of the other dishes off the menu that were really tasty too and the children all had dough balls with dip, they are a winner with the little ones. The design of the food is great, I love food that looks pretty and tastes fantastic too – unlike when I cook! I love the way the dough balls come in a plate, with dipping and salad bits in a separate bowl, it just looks nice. I  could eat dough balls until I popped and I think Isla could too.

DSC_9744 DSC_9735 DSC_9724 DSC_9769

The mains were again, very well presented and tasted fantastic. The children’s pizzas looked good and they confirmed they were tasty, Daddy and I tried the new pizzas off the spring menu which were hot hot hot! We had the new Leggera Sloppy Giuseppe  and the Pollo Forza Romana. Both are definitely worth a try when you want something new. We also had the new Leggera Salmon Salad which was delicious, the salmon was really meaty and although it is a light meal which is only 444 calories, it really fills you up and makes you feel “satisfied”.



How can you resist trying new items off the dessert menu? We didn’t, we ordered the new Panna Cotta and Summer Pudding off of the menu and they were amazing. Not only did they look fantastic, they really did taste it. The summer pudding is full of fruit and its served with mascarpone so its perfect on a nice warm evening and the panna cotta was creamy and the fruit finished off the meal nicely. I could have eaten a lot more of both of them.

DSC_9945 DSC_9950

The children enjoyed their desserts and they finished off their meals with their babyccino, its such a cute idea. It is frothy meal with a sprinkling of chocolate, the children thought they were drinking coffee with the adults!

DSC_9944 DSC_9865 DSC_9845


Overall the Constants and the Rooks were extremely happy with the meal, the restaurant had a great vibe and we all said how we didn’t feel like we were in St Neots – it could have been spain or somewhere more exotic. The food was presented perfectly and tasted sublime and to top it all off the children were entertained and really enjoyed it too – which lets face it makes the whole experience of dining out a lot less stressful! Thank you Pizza Express for our lovely Spring menu taster session. As you can see we all had happy faces…


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Last Update: Monday, 2nd June 2014