It’s that day, the one where I usually look on Facebook and think what is all the fuss about. The one where I never thought I would feel the way that I do: overwhelmed! We got our first choice of school, which must be some sort of miracle as it is a lovely little school and not in our catchment, but we got it. I am completely over the moon and I just know we made the right decision for our little people.


It was one of those situations where I was sitting in my room on the Mac waiting for an email, looking on Facebook and Twitter at all the other Mums celebrating their choices or not celebrating as the case may have been. I couldnt’ understand how everyone had their results already and after a little update on Facebook I had a link to the Cambs County website for admissions where I could log in and check Noah’s results. I got to the page before and called hubby, then I pressed the button to see our offer and read it aloud: We had our first choice offer. Yippee!

I have never felt so relieved and excited, stressed and worried all at the same time. Completely overwhelmed. I cried for about half an hour. Thinking about the huge decision we have just made for Noah’s future, how he will shape into a little man and how we made that choice for him. It made me laugh that he was sitting downstairs on the sofa watching Spiderman without a care in the world when I walked in crying, explaining he had got an offer at the big school.

I know he doesn’t understand the process we have had to go through to get to today, but when I told him about his new school and told him it’s name, he gave me a huge smile as if to say “I am a big boy Mummy”. On the way to nursery he asked me if we could go and see his new big school and so we did. We drove up to it, I described where it was along the way so he knows the route to big school. Then when he saw the school and car park, he just beamed this huge smile. It was lovely to see. He is obviously excited about this process and I think he is very ready to get to big school. He needs his routines, his friends and to obviously learn. He loves learning.

Our little man is growing up. In five months he will be starting school. I think I am still in disbelief.

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