We have been having a lot of fun this month, learning bigger words and sentences, learning our alphabet and recognising letters – but we are still hitting our little sister! I hope this will end soon, I am getting so worried he will end up really hurting her one day.


Noah Learning

He has really developed with his speech this month, he loves the alphabet and counting up to really high numbers – and he loves telling the entire world along the way. Bless him. He is starting to teach little Isla things too, I think this shows that he is understanding the “learning” process. It is really cute to see too. They love learning colours, numbers and letters – we also made them some picture cards which they love saying with each other. We have been doing a lot of things this month which is rubbing off on Noah as he is learning so much about his surroundings and what things do, how they work and he loved seeing the Anglesey Abbey working mill. He asked a lot of questions and talked about it for days afterwards.



He loves playing with everything and anything, he still takes all the toys off of his sister – which is hugely heartbreaking when Isla is playing so nicely with them. But I know he doesn’t mean it. Its a territorial thing, a toddler thing – well that is what I keep telling myself anyway. He has moved onto playing with cars a bit more this month, he still loves his trains though but he also loves cars now. He loves pushing them around places and I can hear him talking about them, as if they were alive. It is so cute hearing him talking when he is imagination playing.


Sibling Love

Well as I mentioned above, he still doesn’t get on with his sister, perfectly, but I am assured that no siblings ever really do. I know he loves her as he shows such care and consideration for her – just when she is not trying to play with his toys of course. He always asks her if she is OK and gives her other toys to play with, just not his ones. He tries to teach her, so that is another sign to me that he does love her – otherwise he wouldn’t bother. It is funny, if you ask Noah who is best friends are – he will spiel off a list of everyone except Isla. Then when you say what about Isla, there is a flat “no”. The little meanie!


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Last Update: Monday, 9th June 2014