This month has been extremely dramatic for little Noah, by that I mean he has learnt so much that he just explodes with things sometimes and he is getting so much better at sharing and “not” having those tantrums. This has been my favourite 4 weeks of Noah George, if you can possibly have a favourite period of time.

Noah Sentences

I just cannot believe how much he has grasped and how quickly he is jumping onto new words at the moment, you really do have to be careful what you say as whenever he feels like it – he will just repeat what you said. For example me and Daddy will be talking and we will say the word “kitchen” in our sentence & sure enough Noah just repeated it, very loud and clear: almost like he is saying “Look, I said it”. He will tell me when he wants me to go into another room now, not necessarily the reason for me going into the other room though: “Mummy go in kitchen” “Mummy, door, go in kitchen” – the first one meaning for me to go into the kitchen and the second one is when we are in the stair-gated lounge and he wants me to open the door so he can go into the kitchen. It is getting much better to understand what he wants these days, things he says are a lot clearer and he may miss out those smaller words like the and of, but you can piece those together yourself and I always repeat the correct sentence to him. For example when he says “Mummy go in kitchen” I repeat “You would like Mummy to go in the kitchen, would you?” so that he can learn, over time, those missing links. I don’t expect him to start speaking fluent English anytime soon, to be honest I am not 100% sure what to expect, I don’t think he is a slow learner with his words, but at the same time I know other toddlers that said things much earlier. We are getting very good at shapes and colours now, he can clearly say a lot of them and identify all of them which is good. We play shapes and colours in the bath with all of this fantastic bath toys.


Noah loves numbers, 1-10 is his favourite thing to do. As soon as he wakes up, he’s seen Mummy, Daddy & Isla, he asks for Numtums and will sit, not very patiently, waiting for us to put it on the TV for him. As soon as the credits starts he begins on his counting escapade, until he reaches 10 and then he just looks so happy with himself. It’s incredible how he remembers the shape of the numbers and how to say them, considering that some of them look quite similar too, he just see’s numbers everyone and anywhere and will shout “five” or “eight” depending on what he has seen.


Toddler Tantrums

They are definitely getting few and far between, it depends on how tired he is and whether he wants to “concentrate” when he plays or not. If Isla interrupts a very important game then it could set him off and if he is just grumpy because he is tired – everything sets him off. He is learning to not bang his head though as he realises now, that it hurts him, so he will just lie on the floor. In saying all of this, Nanna took him to Sainsbury’s and when asked to put Ice Age 4 in the basket for Nanna to carry, he created and screamed/cried extremely loudly, to the point where he was dribbling everywhere. Nanna did say she was quite embarrassed but just had to carry on walking around as all she needed was bread – the complete other end of the store. EEK!


He is getting better at playing and a lot more creative too. He has a habit at the moment of lining toys up, along the radiator is the favourite place or across the coffee table (as you can see in the photo below), it is quite amusing as I am not sure whether that is an OCD type tendency or just something he likes doing at the moment. He is far more creative in the sense that you can see him role playing with the characters, pretending they talk and move and that they are alive. I used to love playing like this as a child. He also loves making and messing, painting and Playdoh are also at the top of his favourite things to play.


Sibling Love

Noah & Isla’s relationship is getting better and better everyday, there are a lot less jealous moments from both: Isla will scream when Noah is getting attention and she isn’t and Noah will just pretend to hurt himself or simply cry if he feels he is lacking attention. But the love they have is very evident, the first thing Noah says when he wakes up, 9 times out of 10, is “want to see Isla”, whenever we go somewhere he says “get Isla”, as if I might forget her and when she first see’s him in the morning – her face could light up the room. It’s an amazing feeling and one I will always cherish, they are just magical little people to be around and everyone tells me what a pleasure they are. Don’t get me wrong they can test your patience and strength, but overall they are adorable together. They started playing chase, slightly unbalanced at the moment as Noah runs and Isla crawls, but she giggles her way around the lounge whilst Noah is laughing his head off at the other end, very cute.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 12th March 2013