So we are now 10 months old (10th March 2013), we haven’t really grown very much but we are learning a lot more and gaining more understanding of the world around us. It is really fascinating to watch her at the moment, she stares at Noah so hard that you can tell she is working out what he is doing and how he is doing it. She still follows him around, chews on all of his toys and tries to join in with what Noah is playing. But it really does depend on what mood Noah is in as to whether he wants her to join in or not.

Isla is now in her 6-9 months clothes, I finally decided to let go of the 3-6 months clothes: lets be honest, a 10 month old in 3-6 month clothes just doesn’t sound right. But she is so dinky that her 6-9 month clothes are quite baggy on her. I am sure she will have a ridiculous growth spurt and be in her lovely clothes for about 3 weeks before needing the 9-12 months. She has some lovely clothes which have been donated by a very generous friend: dresses, beautiful tops and a lot of lovely jim jams – I can’t wait to dress her up. I think my Project 265 posts will turn in to the Isla Rae fashion show at this rate. Shoes are starting to fit her a bit better now and not just slip off of her feet, she got some gorgeous pram shoes for Christmas, but being a size 9-12 months I don’t think they will fit her for another few months. Maybe she will wear them for her first birthday? (Yes, that is soon and No, do not get me started).


This month we have learnt the peekaboo game, she loves putting clothes over her face or her muslin and hiding her eyes, so that she cannot see you and then she reveals herself and looks at you expectantly for the “there she is” with surprise and excitement in my voice. In the past couple of weeks she has also started to hide my face and then she says, what sounds like “what dat” and reveals my face to which she expects me to say the same “there she is”. It’s very cute, and very clever. I love little moments like this that we have together, that’s what makes this baby development malarkey so magical.

We are doing really well with the weaning, she is confident eating toast, carrots, she loves brocolli and she has progressed onto pink wafer biscuits (to be like her brother) and she is very fond of pizza. All really healthy things I hear you say, but at this stage it’s exploring a lot of foods and getting to know what she likes, but what also Noah likes and will eat. I do not want to get in the habit of feeding them both completely different things all of the time, it seems silly.

She has 5 teeth now and the 5th one is catching the rest up, her 4 middle teeth are getting quite big chompers and they are rather sharp – but this all helps with the tearing of pizza’s and munching on carrot batons. She has a bit of  a habit of biting your shoulder/chest, which really hurts when she does it to Daddy and Grandad (never Mummy!).

Finally, walking progress is going really well: last week she just grabbed my arm as a tool to balance and walked about 10 steps across the room to where the toys are and she sat down and played, as if it was nothing. It was really cute, she isn’t very strong on her feet at the moment, I think her ankles are still so tiny they are not fully equipped to hold her up – after a few steps she just crawls and it looks like her feet are giving way. But this might just be because she wants to get there quicker and crawling achieves that.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 12th March 2013