The past month has seen a lot of changes in little Noah, not only has he calmed down a lot and is not quite so aggressive towards Isla he is really helping out a lot around the house – best of all his talking has improved greatly.


Noah Sentences

We are learning a lot of sentences at the moment: Noah’s birthday date and how old he will be, what his favourite things are and how to express that to people, all of our full names which he likes to introduce himself as “Noah Constant” now. He is learning new songs and saying words which I have never heard him say before – for example Mummy taught him “Ring a Ring a Roses” and he has learnt the first 2 verses without a hiccup and says Buttercup beautifully. It makes me want to squeeze him when he sings that song. He loves Jungle Book at the moment and is getting to the point where he has started to say words and sometimes sentences during the movie and he loves singing Bare Necessities. He just literally talks all the time at the moment, there isn’t a quiet moment in the day with Noah around – but I love it. I love the way he repeats things I say too.


He is a clever little bean, there is no doubt about it. He is learning so much at the moment and I never anticipated it would be such a steep learning curve when they are nearly 3. Everything seems to just be clicking into place: he is caring, more considerate, helpful, creative and studious! He loves solving logic type issues, like a puzzle or how do I get a to b without spilling c. He sat doing a 40 piece, small bit, puzzle the other morning and he completed it and was so chuffed with himself. It certainly kept him amused and I will be getting some more puzzles, we just have to keep them away from Isla.


Toilet Training

Well we have progressed on to the toilet, rather quickly from potty! I do not seem to be having the “he has done it again” conversation half as much as last month. We still have the odd accident where he poops in his big boy pants and trousers, but you can count those accidents on 1 hand. It is a real turnaround from previous weeks and he has completely got the hang of pants down, pee, pants up and celebrate how good I am. I probably over praise him for doing things, but I have such a good little boy that it doesn’t discourage me from praising him. He will give me his potty if he uses it, to empty, he passes it to me and then waits for me to clean it and then puts it back. He is a very clean little man, except for when he poops in his pants of course.


Noah has been playing a lot with characters, vehicles and his puzzles over the past month. One of the other things I have noticed him doing a lot is to make me lunch from the kitchen and spread it out on to plates. He describes what he has cooked for me, after he has prepared it all and he will watch me eat it and wait for my “oh this is lovely” reaction, with a great big smile on his face. He will happily sit and play with his little people and cars, talking away to himself and exploring as much of his environment as he possibly can. His imagination has gone into overdrive and I can really see a different side to him now. He still loves to draw and paint and whenever we can do arty play or messy play, he is in heaven, we try to do crafts as much as possible and I will be encouraging this more and more as he gets older.


Sibling Love

Noah loves little Isla, there is nothing that tears them apart. He holds her hand at every opportunity, he cuddles her spontaneously or just walks up to her and gives her a loving kiss. He is always talking to her and singing with her, whilst she dances along and they giggle quite often together. It is the best sound in the world – hearing them both so happy and jolly together. They seem to have got to a point where they are really getting a long nicely and although Isla isn’t talking at the moment, she seems to understand what he wants. I love watching them play chase together, its a daily game in the Constant house. Very cute indeed.

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Last Update: Thursday, 10th October 2013