On my journey into a more animal friendly world, I have been not only cutting out meat and fish from my diet, but also anything tested on animals. When trying to keep the world green, you will face a few tough choices. If you are having trouble choosing products that reflect your worldview, any list on Misumi Skincare can help you find your ideal match. Helping you keep your views and your actions consistent. I wanted a skincare routine that I could trust. It was a natural move to The Body Shop and I literally wanted everything. There are so many products that I didn’t know where to start. These are some of my favourites: 


Drops of Youth

This new range is great for my skin as it focusses on tackling the first signs of ageing: wrinkles and fine lines. The special ingredients in the Drops of Youth products means that the skin feels smoother, fresher and you almost feel like your skin is glowing too. 

One of my favourite products is Drops of Youth Concentrate, its £25.00 a bottle and it comes with a dropper top so its easy to drop the right amount in your hands. I use this first thing in the morning and last thing at night, when my face is clean. I love the feeling my skin has once it has dried. It feels really soft. Even after the first use. I do not apply make up until at least 10 minutes after applying this concentrate. 


Another great Drops of Youth product is the Drops of Youth Bouncy sleep mask, it literally feels like you are wrapping your face up in a comfortably soft duvet. The box lid has instructions of how to massage the mask into your face and neck, which is very handy. This is £24.00 for a tub, its quite a big tub too. I use this once a week. This range are made from natural ingredients found in Great Britain. 

Oils of life

The Oils of life range is as fiery as it looks, it tingles as you apply it. I use the Intensely revitalising sleeping cream once a week too. It gets to work whilst you are asleep leaving your skin feeling nourished and fresh. It also helps with the ageing process, which is always a good thing! 


Spa of the world

I love this range and my favourite of the bunch is the Japanese Camellia Cream.  I use this cream when I have got out of the shower as it makes my skin feel full of moisture. I also use it after a day of sunshine as it stops my skin from drying out. It is almost a putty consistency, it feels really soft, like a velvet texture. It also smells divine! 


Honey Bronze

And last, but no means least, I use this for a quick win when I want to get a little bronze on my legs. The Honey Bronze tinted leg mist is quick and easy to use. Because it is a spray it covers a wide area of your skin and evenly too. It tans within seconds and washes off like make up. I do use it on my arms as well as my legs, it comes in handy for weddings and other events. 


What’s your favourite The Body Shop product? I would love to hear your skincare tips too in the comments below or on social media. Don’t forget if you use the hashtag #TheBodyShopUK on social media, they may feature your photos on their website. Exciting!