I struggled with what to wear at the beginning of lockdown, all of a sudden my workwear started collecting dust in the wardrobe. Loungewear and comfortable tee’s became the new work wear, no one really sees what you wear (if you turn the conference camera off). However, as lockdown continued and as my plan to work from home is long term, I want to break out of the loungewear a little. So here is my working from home style… Autumn edition.

I always wear smart clothes to the office and so I am bringing that back to home working too. I have some staple pieces too, that I can wear with multiple items and they are also comfortable.

Knitted dresses

The idea behind these dresses is that they are just so comfortable. They are stretchy, they are flexible and they look great. The dresses are from Femme Luxe and I got them in all 3 colours as I knew they would be perfect for lockdown. They have a great range of dresses at Femme Luxe so you can find your comfortable working style. They make me feel smart even though they feel like comfortable loungewear. Perfect!

Blazer style

I love a good Blazer, it’s a staple item in my wardrobe as it can be worn casually or smart. I am wearing this military style blazer with a gold, stretchy, turtleneck top and shorts. When you are working from home you do not need to worry too much about your lower half as no one really sees it, so on those warmer days you can get away with wearing shorts! The blazer and top are from Lulu Lily Fashion. Some great items for working from home on their online boutique.

What are your favourite things to wear whilst working from home? This is my working from home style, the Autumn edition. Wearing comfortable yet smart looking items that still look professional. It really helps me to be more motivated at home, when I am dressed properly for work. Check out my top tips for working from home too!