My top tips for finding the right shapewear #fashion

Since having both the children it is fair to say my body has completely changed. I used to be a size 6, 8 at at stretch, before children and now I am a 10 or a 12 (depending on the clothes store). People don’t believe me when I tell them but it’s true and I guess I hide it well. Well I found the correct shapewear for the perfect outfits!

If you are looking to buy shapewear for the first time and need some advice on what to look for here are my top 5 tips for buying the perfect piece. I used to feel like I had to hide the fact I wore shapewear but it does help to boost my confidence when I am out – so why should I be ashamed?

Go nude!

I had no idea what wearing white underwear with a white outfit is a no go! If you are wearing a white outfit, buy nude shapewear it will not show though whereas white underwear will be visible even under white. I love nude underwear as you can literally wear it with every outfit. It’s a great idea.

Get the right size

Always buy shapewear in your regular dress size. If you buy a piece in a size down you will struggle to get into it as well as creating unsightly bulges where it is too tight. A good piece of shapewear will smooth and flatten in your regular size. You might have a tendency to choose a smaller size as you could assume it will hug you better – it doesn’t.

Try a versatile item first

If you are buying shapewear for the first time try out a staple pieces like the Miraclesuit Hi-waist briefs. These are versatile and can be worn under skirts, trousers and dresses and can be worn every day to keep your figure looking sleek and smooth. These are great for everyday outfits, like work attire or a day dress.

Find the right item

Choose the right piece for the area you are trying to correct. For instance if it is your thighs only, you donโ€™t need to buy hi-waisted garments. If you are looking to drop a dress size round your waist, go for a strong control piece like the waist cincher from Miraclesuit. Ask your stockist if you can try them on and if you are buying for a special occasion, take the outfit with you so you can see the overall effect.

High waist tip

If you are buying a high waist piece of shapewear, make sure you wear these as high up as possible and close to your bra line to reduce the amount of lines and give as smooth a silhouette as possible.

The main aim of shapewear is to smooth, support and show off your curves. They are really comfortable, they feel like a hug in your clothes. I love it. I feel confident wearing dresses when I wear my shapewear. In the photos I am wearing the Instant Tummy Tuck by Miraclesuit. It is by the far the simplest way of changing the way I look in a dress.

#AD – I received an Instant Tummy Tuck by Miraclesuit in exchange for this review.


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  • Sim @ Sim's Life
    September 23, 2019

    I am all for nude underwear – and shapers, the higher the better. I love to wear dresses but definitely need to cover up the lumps and bumps for a smoother shape. Loving all the tips, I was nodding whilst reading! Sim x

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My top tips for finding the right shapewear #fashion

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