I recently did a little Debenhams shopping haul and my favourite of the bunch was this rose print midi dress. It was in the sale too. Bargain! The first thing I thought is how I can wear it for different events in different weather. It’s really versatile. I am in no way a fashionista, I have no clue what’s hot and what’s not right now – this is just a Mummy wardrobe hack! Enjoy.

The evenings are a bit chilly

With this look we can partner the midi dress with a nice cardigan and some pumps. Maybe even a hat! It’s perfect for this time of year as the weather is still a little cooler in the evenings and this dress is a good design for a Summer evening. 

Out with the hubby

I like this look as it’s quite simple. The dress on it’s own without any accessories is really pretty and it would look perfect with a jacket and some heels.

A Summery work day

Yes, I would probably get away with wearing this at work. Put a blazer on and wear it with some smart heels and hey presto! I love this look, it’s really comfortable for work and cooling too.

That festival look

Everyone loves to have that festival look! I have never been to a festival: sloppy muddy grounds, stinky port-a-loo’s and a bad nights sleep – no thank you. The look is something I do like though. It’s taking ordinary clothes and adding an extra funk! This dress would look great with ankle wellies and a mac on a rainy day. 


I would love to hear if you have any wardrobe hacks with this midi dress. Please comment below or catch me on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Saturday, 7th July 2018