This first month has been amazing and difficult, all at once, but I certainly wouldn’t change it for the world. Whoever told me that having 2 under 2 would be very hard to start with, wasn’t lying! I am hoping that the latter part of their advice “It will get easier” wasn’t a lie either.

Isla is doing really well, she is a little colicky as she gets very upset late afternoon/early evening and has pangs of cries where only tapping her bottom will soothe her. She doesn’t really burp, more pops off, so burping her after feeds doesn’t really help. The midwife said that infacol will not help either as thats more for burping issues than with trapped wind, the other end. She snoozes on her tummy and when she has processed all the wind, all you can hear is almighty trumps from her moses basket and you can see her little bot raising in the air as she tries to pass the wind. Its cute, but at the same time its horrid to see her in pain when she is crying, I am just extremely grateful that she doesn’t cry for longer than 5 minutes at any given time.

Its like she cries for 5 minutes to deal with the pain, then it settles and so does she, then 20 minutes later she gets another pang of pain and so she will cry again. Usually this happens for around about an hour during the afternoon/evening, sometimes in both the afternoon and evening. I think this depends on what I have eaten the night before.

She is putting on weight beautifully, you can see her filling out her clothes and in the 5 weeks she has been in this world, she has already outgrown her first babygro, albeit for a tiny baby, but she doesn’t seem so delicate anymore. I was scared to touch her when she was  born, her legs were so skinny, I felt like I was going to break them when changing her bottom and hurt her back when picking her up. She is even developing those cute little baby chubby cheeks now, so I know I am doing an “ok” job at this mother of 2 thing.

Noah is taking to her now, she gets kisses goodnight, cuddles in the daytime (on his terms mind you) and he doesn’t slap her anymore. Which is a really good sign, the slapping seems to have calmed down quite a lot, which is great. He loves Toy Story, so that is a favourite movie to watch when mummy is feeding Isla – it helps keep him focused on something and not to get bored and more importantly jealous when I am spending that time with Isla.

The only jealous issue I have is when Isla cries for longer than a couple of minutes, Noah tends to join in with his theatrical cry as I think he feels she will get something that he won’t, so he joins in to make it even! But I know its a fake cry and I distract him easily with some of his many toys, Isla on the other hand not so easy to distract, unless its crying for boobie time!

I love dressing her up in all of her beautiful gifts from family and friends, she is not fitting into Newborn sizes yet, so we are still on the early baby items, but I am sure it will not be long before the posts of “Isla’s wardrobe” are popping up on… thats a good idea actually, what is Isla wearing today? Ha-ha. I have been nosing at some very cute boutiques to get her some special clothes, so watch this space – ooh and I will post her jubilee outfit soon too…

She gave me her first smile on her 3rd week anniversary, it was a beaut too. I am now looking forward to getting her to smile more and capturing one on camera, or at least getting her to smile when Daddy is around as he hasn’t seen it yet. She looks beautiful and really does melt your heart. I am looking forward to seeing her smiley face develop over the next month and also watching her grow into her Newborn clothes too… ooh more outfits!

Final thoughts – having a baby girl has made me obssessed with tights. I seem to have more tights for her than I know what to do with, but I love them. I just need to get some outfits to match these tights now, I think she is going to be an expensive  baby girl!!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 12th June 2012