As massive fans of Cbeebies, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, we were extremely excited to be sent a fabulous Roaring Raa Raa toy from Tomy. Not only does he roar but he jiggles too, Noah really loves him!

20120608-133026.jpgThe Roaring Raa Raa toy is so much fun, all you do is push down Raa Raa’s head for a certain length of time to get different reactions and sayings from him. For example if you push his head down for 3 seconds, Raa Raa gives you his “loudest roar” and if you push it down for 1 second he might say “I can roar louder than that!”. When you let go of him, he also gives you a jiggle, its really cute and I must admit – it makes me giggle too!

As soon as you let go of Raa Raa’s head, Noah gives you the biggest smile in the world, he really loves his little Raa Raa. Whenever the theme tune comes on Cbeebies, he is straight in front of the TV with a smile on his face. We have been learning “What noise does a lion make?” and now he has a little Roaring Raa Raa toy, it has really helped him get to grips with it.

Noah and Roaring Raa Raa

If you would like to buy your very own Raa Raa then you can find him on the Toys R Us website: He retails for about £29.99.

You can also like Raa Raa the Noisy Lion on Facebook:

Check out the rest of the clan and have some fun with Raa Raa on his very own website:

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018