I was given some Baby DHA from Nordic Naturals for when Isla was born, Baby DHA is an Omega-3 supplement that is suitable for adults and children. It is perfect for newborn babies, it helps Isla get the nutrients she needs to help her bones and brain develop.

It is made from 100% Arctic cod liver oil and contains no synthetic additives. As well as being rich in omega-3, it also contains healthy levels of natural vitamins A and D3, which help support eye function, the immune system and healthy bone development.

Because the bottle comes with a drip pipette, it couldn’t be easier to drip the supplement into Isla’s mouth when she is feeding. I tend to do it in the middle of her feed, so that she isn’t too hungry and at the end, she isn’t asleep! I am really happy knowing that Isla is getting the best start in life and that she is having these extra supplements to help her brain and bone develop, along with my milk, she really is getting the best start!

Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA costs £13.10 for 60ml (a month’s supply) and is available at Revital, online at www.revital.co.uk and other health food stores. Please visit the Nordic Naturals website if you wish to find out more about the  range: www.nordicnaturals.com/uk

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  • Bazura Abu Bakar
    Wednesday, January 30, 2013

    I am really happy, i need this for my sweetheart 😉 .