Noah loves Muckypups at the local childrens centre and this week I managed to get some piccies of him with all the things he loves… ball pools, bricks, cars and eating paint, a typical boy! oh and this week involved cuddling a baby doll which I’ve posted about separately!

Noah always goes straight to the ball pool, bricks or car table. No matter what, it’s guaranteed. Isn’t it amusing how he has gone for boy things!! I know the ball pool is a general play thing but balls are very boyish. He loves it though.

20120126-231913.jpgI love the way Noah socialises with the other tots, he watches them very closely, especially at song time 🙂 he loves singing at home time! He watches in ore at all the other children spinning and singing along with the play group leader. I wonder what he’s thinking? Is he contemplating how he does it? It was quite sweet this week as they sung a song where all the children had to nod for a few seconds and he started nodding, but as soon as he worked out what he was doing they had moved on to clapping!


Needless to say all week I have been practising “wind the bobbing up” with actions, Noah is slowly getting around to the winding movement. This age is great, he is such a clever bunny. I am a very proud mummy.

20120127-095944.jpgNoah made Daddy his first painting this week, hes never used paints or anything like this before! Yes, the majority of the time the paint pens were in his mouth, but he soon stopped after I kept telling him “yucky”!

20120127-095954.jpgDaddy loved his painting and I showed him the video I took of Noah doing the “dabbing” with the paint pens, proof that he didnt get help from Mummy & Daddy seemed very chuffed!! He does love his Daddy….

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Last Update: Friday, 27th January 2012