At baby group this week, Noah decided he wanted to play with the baby doll, this is a first for him, as he usually just plays with the bricks, balls and cars!

It all started with the pram, he was pushing it around the room and then stopping every few seconds to kiss the baby doll’s forehead. I found this to be incredibly cute, he has never done anything like that before. I don’t know if it was because it was a baby doll or just something, who knows what the little people think about?, but it was extremely cute.

Towards the end of baby group, he was sitting on the chair in the story time corner, cuddling baby doll and giving it big kisses on the forehead!

This made me think about how Noah will be when his little brother/sister arrives, I never really thought about it before hand. I have obviously hoped that he will like him/her and that he will be good with them, but apart from that I have never seen Noah around a baby nor seen him be that affectionate towards anything little before.

I think it goes without saying that I will be careful with the newborn around, making sure that Noah cannot hurt them and obviously the furbabies also. I have been thinking about Noah too and the fact that I dont want to neglect him and his needs, I know when baby is tiny it will sleep a lot in the day (hopefully) and therefore I will have time to play with Noah still and read to him in the daytime. I just have this worry that I wont split the time up properly, thankfully Daddy will want cuddles with newborn too so that will free me up for Noah time. I suppose its just finding the right balance and making sure everyone is happy – including me and Daddy!

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Last Update: Thursday, 26th January 2012