Well I feel a lot happier today, I finally resided to the fact that I was a little too ambitious with my maternity dates… so now my last working day will be the 15th October.

This means that I have 5 working weeks left… as we go away at the end of Sept. So I am very excited now about having a nice 2 weeks before our due date.

Fingers crossed Rainbow plays ball… 🙂 After talking to my mumma tonight, with me and my brother and sister, I was late, Carl was late and Charlotte was 3 weeks early. Interestingly enough, mums labours from when her waters broke were never over 4 hours long. Me being the longest, the 4 hours. So I hope that I have some of her luck, when the big day arrives for us.

Antenatal class tomorrow and also our hospital tour, will update after that.

Did I mention theres only 8 weeks and 6 days to go… EEK!


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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st September 2010