Well at midnight, we have made it to 32 weeks and things are still going strong. Baby Constant is kicking loads, moving loads and making me feel uncomfortable quite alot throughout the day now.

Sleeping is getting troublesome, I am getting more tired through out the day and wee breaks are every 20 mins – so they are right when they tell you the 3rd trimester is very similar to the first few weeks.

Its amazing how quickly my body is changing at the moment. I can feel things moving around now, I am experiencing Braxton Hicks too, which is a very bizarre feeling. They go from quite strong tightenings to very mild ones, sometimes with back ache and cramp and sometimes without. If this is how things start off when contractions start, then I dont know if I am looking forward to the “worse” ones!!

We had our tour of the hospital last week and our final antenatal class, the class was information regarding breast feeding and “assisted” births, which was all very scary. The tour just scared me even more.

There is a Primrose suite at our hospital, which means that if you are low risk and healthy you can use this suite, rooms are alot nicer and have en suites – which I am going to opt for when it all kicks off! BUT to my horror, the pool is currently out of service because of a bug in the tap – BOO. They said it should be fixed within 3 weeks, so fingers crossed our little one doesnt want to make a scene before then. Otherwise I will be de-touring to the Rosie.

Next midwife appointment is on Friday morning, so im looking forward to catching up with her and making sure our baby is growing nicely and listening to the tiny little heartbeat. How exciting?

I just keep thinking of all my next major milestones and it doesnt feel like long at all:
Holiday 18th Sept – we will be 33 weeks.
Babyshower – 34 weeks.
Start of Oct – 37 weeks = term and baby will be “healthy”.
Finish at work 15th October – we will be 38 weeks.
Then a nice, hopefully, 2 week break before Baby Constant arrives to the world. Not long at all.

I can’t wait… starting Pregnancy Yoga on Weds, so will let you know how that goes. I am looking forward to meeting new pregnant ladies and learning about my body!! Yoga mat is at the ready….

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Last Update: Monday, 6th September 2010