Well, its 31 weeks today, I cant quite believe it myself = another 9 weeks exactly to go!

I am 9st now, which is amazing to me at the moment, just because . The midwife appointment at 29 weeks went well; she said baby is growing nicely and that the head was down. Which means that theres more pressure on my little bladder, but Rainbow can move around freely until about 37 weeks, which is the point where the “head” needs to go down!!

Antenatal class went really well, I asked alot of questions and had a lot of things answered for me. Which was nice. I no longer feel like I am walking into this dark tunnel, well its a bit more light in there now 🙂 I have made up my mind that I definately want to go for a water birth, and if its all too much pain I will get out and get pain relief. I cant possibly comment until I am there I suppose. We get to see the suites on Thursday so I am looking forward to that, I am sure I will be petrified but at least it will give me something to visualise when I am thinking about the labour and birth.

The one bit of information I did pick up from our antenatal class that seemed to be important, was that I need to be “upright” as much as I can throughout the labour, gravity and all that. It helps Rainbow to get in the right places, and also will be a quicker process. Potentially! So I will bare that in mind when roaming around wondering what the hell I am doing all of this for…

Apart from back ache, waking up in the night for a wee, struggling to get comfy and my legs hurting very much when I walk etc, its all going well so far. 🙂

My school friends had their little bubbas recently too, Katie had a little girl Martha May and Kate had a little boy Maxwell. They are very very cute little bundles and have been getting very emotional looking at their pictures on the internet. I cant wait to meet little Rainbow now, I think I might be getting impatient. Oh well, 9 weeks to go…. 🙂


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Last Update: Tuesday, 31st August 2010