Since last March, I have been working from home and this comes with a lot of discipline and routine. For example, I am as bad as the kids for grabbing snacks from the cupboard. When SMASH BLUE released their new products I thought they are perfect for us grown ups working from home, or out on a day trip with the family. They are great, innovative, products and I can’t wait to show them and how they can transform your working day.

I love my SMASH Blue Glass Barista Buddy; I use this when I make myself a mid-morning coffee. It keeps the coffee warm for longer and I can see just how much coffee vs soya milk I am using. I like a latte style coffee and so making sure I get the balance right is essential. This cup is really comfortable to use, the sippy lid is a neat way of reducing spills. I use this cup when I get my coffee shop drinks too, saving on cardboard cups. This cup is 100% recyclable too; greener for the environment. Hubby has the SMASH Blue green twist and lock stainless steel coffee cup, so we have a his and hers version when we get our weekly coffee shop beverages!

SMASH Coffee mug

I really love the stainless steel lunchboxes as they can go in the microwave! Yes, you heard me right. They are perfect for throwing in the leftovers and re-heating for lunch the next day. It’s great that working from home means I am wasting less food. We have the larger 1.2L green stainless steel lunch box and the smaller 600ml pink stainless steel lunch box. They are microwaveable because of their special rolled edge design. A great reason to use SMASH BLUE!

lunchboxes SMASH

The stainless steel lunchboxes also come in really handy for keeping food cool when we go out of the day as a family. We took some yummy pizza to the beach and it remained cool, in the cool box, up until lunchtime. We love SMASH BLUE products in this house, including the kids lunchboxes; we can’t wait to see the new season back to school range.

SMASH Picnic

We also have a his and hers water bottle; I have the 700ml pink glass bottle which is a great bottle for working from home and I also use this bottle for Yoga on Thursday mornings too. I fill it up before I go to bed and keep it in the fridge, ready for when I start work the next day. It has a cool button that flips the lid and so it’s really easy to use. Hubby has the 500ml green stainless steel bottle and it keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Perfect for that morning coffee or keeping your drink cool at your desk. SMASH’s wonderful products can be found on their Amazon shopping site.

water bottle SMASH

We were very lucky to receive these goodies in exchange for my honest review; all opinions and photography are my own.