Kitting out the children with the right Muck Boot

We love getting out in the fresh air, wellies on and wrapped up nice and warm. Recently The Original Muck Boot Company launched a new range of children’s fun boots: the Hasbro collection. My Little Pony and Transformer boots in lots of small sizes, perfect for Noah and Isla, perfect for little children. 

The biggest problem we encountered was getting the children to decide which boots they wanted as there is such a great choice: Hale boots and Rugged II boots. We decided to stick to the Hale boots as they are great for all seasons and we are out all year round, so we knew we would get more use out of these. The Rugged II boots are great for extreme conditions, really cold weather so this would be perfect for the cold in Winter for example. Muck is known to have the most reliable, durable boots that work anytime, anywhere in the harshest conditions.

Out of the Hale boots Isla had the choice of Pinkie Pie on a pink boot (which she chose finally), Rainbow Dash on a blue boot or Twilight Sparkle on a purple boot. Noah had the choice of BumbleBee on a grey boot with red/yellow trim, Optimus Prime on a dark grey boot with red/blue trim and Grimlock on a grey boot with green/yellow trim.  After much deliberation Noah chose the Optimus Prime boots. All the Hale boots are £49, the Rugged II boots are £70. 

The boots have a high grade rubbery base and the top part of the boot is spandura layered over neoprene (a synthetic rubber) and this adds protection against wear. They are 100% waterproof and get this, completely slip resistant. Perfect for puddle jumping and walks in this wintery weather. They are very comfortable, so the children tell me, they love putting their boots on. 

I love the fact they come up really high on their legs, they get to jump in deeper puddles! I have never known waterproof boots to be so perfect for the children, they feel like great quality and they look really stylish/cute on the children. 

If you have a photo of your Muck Boots to share on Instagram make sure you use the tag #ShareMyMucks and they will share your photo on their feed.

Muck Boot are actually offering a discount code especially for my readers: if you apply the code BLOGGER17 at the checkout it will entitle you to 10% discount off any order placed through Muck Boot. Awesome! 

I would love to know what you think about Muck Boots and the awesome Hasbro collection in the comments below. 


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