As a mum you are probably used to juggling the jobs that you do as a mother to your children, working and maintaining a clean and tidy home. When you throw in being your own boss of a business there is even more to think about and do. It can be quite overwhelming and exhausting to try and do everything all of the time, but it is finding a good balance between being a successful business owner to spending time with your children, looking after and nurturing them. Here is some useful advice to help you on your way if you are struggling to do both.  I have to be honest, it is really tough being a businesswoman and a Mum.

Plan Your Meals 

So that you are not having to stress about what to cook for dinner, it can be useful to plan your meals ahead for the week. This would enable you to buy all the necessary ingredients which would prevent a last minute panic if you do not have what you need to cook a certain meal. It would also save time as you would not need to head to the shops because you are missing a vital ingredient or do not have enough food to create a meal. 

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Keep Your Children Busy 

Creating fun, stimulating activities for your children to do at home whilst you are working will help to prevent them from getting bored, and give you a bit of time to quietly continue with work. There are going to be moments where you really do not need a distraction so you can have an important phone conversation or do some necessary paperwork. So at least if they are preoccupied for a little while you can crack on with things. 

Spend Quality Time With Your Children

It is important to actually spend time playing and enjoying your children’s company. Yes you might have deadlines to attend to and tasks to complete for your business but at the same time you do not want to miss out on spending quality time with them whilst they are still young. Ultimately when your children reflect on the kind of childhood they had, they are not going to have many memorable memories if all they remember is you working away all the time. So make sure that the business side of things does not consume you to the point where you are barely spending time with your children and watching them grow. 

Organise Some Fun Activities To Do 

It will be good for both the children and yourself if you have something to look forward to on a day when you are not working. So even for example arranging to have a cosy night in watching a film with popcorn and other snacks, redecorating their play area, or baking some treats together. It will give both you and the children something to look forward to where you are not preoccupied with work tasks and they have your full attention. Planning a day out in advance or a short weekend break away is also good to do. It will enable you to switch off from work for a bit, which is also important to do at times, even when you run a business. You don’t want to let it consume you too much. 

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Have Some Down Time

You also need to find time in your busy schedule to look after your own wellbeing. This includes eating healthily, sleeping well, exercising, and getting some fresh air. You also need to have some quiet time for yourself to just relax for your own mental wellbeing. Whether you enjoy sitting on the sofa watching your favourite series, cooking, having a relaxing bath, going for a run, reading or being creative, you need to allow yourself those moments to just relax your mind and body to keep yourself sane and healthy. 

Ask For Help

If you are lucky enough to have a partner in your life then you should share out the responsibilities of child keeping between the two of you, so that you are not left doing everything. One person can organise dinner or help the children with their homework whilst the other continues working. If you do not have a partner at home then you can always ask friends or family members to step in so that you are not overwhelmed with trying to do everything at home as well as run a successful business. There is only so much you can do by yourself. 

The Business Side of Things

Keeping track of the different elements of your business so that things can run smoothly will make your life a bit easier. This section deals with running your business effectively. Here are some top tips to be an organised business owner. 

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Time Management 

Keeping a work diary and planning what you need to do for the week and then each day will help you to establish the different tasks that you need to tackle and prioritise them accordingly. Spending a short time writing a list can really help you to organise yourself and be more effective at time management. 

Build Up a Team You Can Trust

You might want to tackle all the various jobs for your business because you are feeling over protective, but realistically you need to allow other people to help, as there is only so much you can do. Gradually build up a good, hardworking team of staff and allow them to do the jobs that you would do, so that you can see whether they would be able to cope in your absence, when you need a little time off. It would give you one less stress to worry about, knowing that the business can function well if you were not physically there. They would still be able to contact you anyway if there were any issues. This is a great idea for a businesswoman working from home.

Outsource Various Roles

Outsourcing certain tasks can be particularly useful for your business. Instead of having to pay someone a full time salary for a job that you might only require some of the time you can outsource instead. Essentially it will save you money in the long term and will allow you to hire someone who is skilled for the role. You would then be able to pay them as and when you require their services. 

Create a Rapport With Your Customers

Once you have targeted your ideal audience for your business you want to establish a good rapport with them. You can do this by creating lines of communication to them. Whether it is providing a telephone contact number to talk to in person, using a provider of business video chat on your website, or responding to queries. You want to demonstrate a willingness to respond to queries and complaints. Customers will be more appreciative if they feel valued as a consumer. As the business owner you represent both the face and driving force of your business. 

Establish Business Contacts

If you start to build up a network of suppliers, delivery companies, and other business contacts, you will be able to bulk buy any necessary items in advance that your business may need. This could prove more cost effective and you would be able to source quality ingredients from a reliable source. Building up contacts is great for creating a professional image for your business and will keep things running smoothly. 

Keep Control of Your Finances

This is very important to do as you have a business to keep control of financially but also your family finances as well to balance. It is definitely advisable to separate the two so that you are not getting them mixed up. You should have two separate bank accounts, one for your business finances and then another bank account for personal/family expenses. Keeping up to date with your business taxes will be essential so that you do not miss any deadlines and face having to pay a fee. If you can gradually do a bit at a time it will prevent you from having to do this at the last minute which can create more stress. 

Although it can be stressful at times trying to run a business, looking after your children, spending quality time together and keeping a clean, tidy home, it is all about finding the correct balance for your personal situation and knowing what works for you. There is no right or wrong way to achieve this as everyone works differently. The main thing is that you are able to cope with running your business and looking after your family and your own wellbeing. Try not to forget that you matter too and you will thrive at being both a successful businesswoman and mum. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 11th August 2021