Life is fast paced hustle and bustle, all day, every day, when you have children. They become your entire life. Everything you do either involves them, is for them, or they have to come along because there’s nowhere else for them to go. You finally have a weekend all to yourself, and now, you just don’t really know what to do. Try and remember how to do life without kids, and work some joy into your weekend with a mixture of relaxing and fun activities. Here are some great ideas for a child-free weekend.

Lunch with the Ladies

It’s so hard to find a time when you’re all free to have a good old catch up. You don’t have the kids for the weekend, so this is the perfect time! Send a message to your best friends and organise a lunch date to get brought up to date on all the recent gossip you’ve been missing out on.

Date Night

You and your partner can go out together without having the niggling worry of getting back for the children creeping around your mind all evening. Put on your favourite dress, do your hair and makeup, and go out on a proper romantic date. Hubby and I always, try, to go away for our wedding anniversary and we have a lovely child-free weekend.

Wind Down at Home

You’re constantly on the go to keep up with the energy of family life. Having a quiet and peaceful house is a rare occasion, so take some time to relax in the comfort of your own home. There are many ways to keep yourself entertained at home, and the use of online services gives you even more options.

Go Shopping

Usually when you go out shopping, you have a little someone tugging on your sleeve wanting to eat or go to the toilet. Not this weekend! You deserve a shopping trip. Why not buy yourself something new to wear for your date night? Something that makes you look and feel amazing!

Take a Trip

You never get the opportunity to go away. Take it while you can! Whether you want a solo getaway, a romantic weekend of indulgence or a fun trip with the girls, now is the time to do it. Book yourself in to a swanky property and have yourself the perfect weekend break.

Pamper Yourself

It can be hard to find time for yourself when you’re running a family home. Use this time wisely and have yourself a well deserved pamper. Book yourself in for that hair cut you’ve been meaning to have, get a professional massage and relax at a spa, or just take a long soak in the bath at home. This is your time and a perfect way to celebrate a child-free weekend.

Order Your Favourite Takeout

Children are fussy eaters. If it was up to them, you’d be having chicken nuggets and pizza every day. You spend all your time trying to cook them well balanced meals, that you never get to indulge in what you really want to eat. They aren’t here, so they will never know, go on, order yourself a takeout.

Realising you have the entire weekend to fill with non-child related activities may seem a little overwhelming at first, but there are so many ways to keep yourself happy, busy and entertained. And there’s never the need to make an excuse for date night, especially when you have a child-free weekend?

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Last Update: Wednesday, 11th August 2021