As summer comes to an end, company owners may begin to look at their vehicle fleet and consider if it is time to order new cars or trucks and retire the existing ones. If that’s the case, it’s also important to consider the technology that comes with commercial vehicles these days. There is so much to choose from and so many compelling reasons to have it all that it can be difficult to determine what you really need and what is just a fun thing to have that won’t pay for itself. Here are some of the best new technologies that could help your drivers perform more effectively, saving you money in the long term and increasing the good reputation of your business. These are some of the best tech gadgets out there for your business:

Reversing Cameras

Reversing is one of the most challenging manoeuvres that drivers have to do, especially if they are driving a large vehicle or one without a rear view mirror. Having a reversing camera gives you a clear picture of what’s going on behind your commercial vehicle, making reversing much more straightforward. Instead of driving about searching for a parking spot that will fit but that doesn’t need to be reversed into or out of, your driver can safely reverse into one that is much closer to where they want to be. 

These cameras are getting more sophisticated as time passes, providing numerous perspectives and even a view from the top of the vehicle to see exactly how close you are to every other vehicle or obstacle around you. Although the vehicle you choose may not come with a reversing camera, they are easy to retrofit, so you can purchase one separately (and you might even save money that way).

A Modern Tachograph 

Although not required in company cars, a tachograph is certainly something that you will need if you have a fleet of lorries for your business. The tachograph will keep track of your driving time, speed, and distance. They are used to ensure that drivers and employers adhere to the laws regarding driving hours. In other words, they keep the drivers and the public much safer. 

The better the tachograph, the more information you will receive. A unit such as the OPTAC3, for example, is entirely up to date and is fully programmable so that you can keep everyone safe and in line with the law all the time. One of the best tech gadgets out there!

Smartphone Vehicle Management 

Where would we be without the omnipresent smartphone? When it comes to commercial vehicle technology, you might be in the dark since the smartphone can now handle your whole fleet for you. Consider using your smartphone to start your vehicle, to ensure that everything is functioning correctly, to automatically call for help if you break down, to provide you with up-to-the-minute, real-time information on all of your vehicle’s systems, to report on such changes, and send them back to your fleet management office. 

This no longer has to be just in your imagination; technology is available to enable you to accomplish just that, plus much more. For example, there are plans in the future to allow the driver to get out of the vehicle and park it using their smartphone alone. 

Do you have any tips for best tech gadgets for commercial vehicles? I would love to know in the comments below.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 24th August 2021