Noah loves his football club sessions, he looks forward to charging about on a Wednesday evening and now looks forward to doing this with Daddy. Daddy has started coaching the little ones too. It’s nice that they have a hobby that they enjoy together. Noah is getting faster, better and more agile with the ball and it really shows each week. 

As with all clubs and hobbies that children want to do, you need to kit them out in the appropriate gear and football is no exception. Noah needs kits for all weathers, hats and shin pads – not forgetting the all important boots. You can get lots of different types of boots too: astro turf, studded and moulded. So much choice. The one thing that all parents focus on though is not spending over the odds, because the little ones soon grow out of them. sell hundreds of football balls and all at very reasonable prices. There are really big brands on the website too, you can grab Adidas boots for under £40 and Umbro astro turf boots for just £7.99. Great prices! If you’re little ones are getting excited for Euro 2016 then look no further than MandM Direct to kit them out, just in time. 

I love this video on YouTube of their back to school items too: 

What do your children love doing for their hobbies and where do you kit them out? I would love to know. 

Football boot image by ShutterStock. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 26th October 2016