Autumn is going to be here very soon, you could say it is here with the weather doing it’s thing this week. The park floors are covered with brown crispy leaves already. So, what to wear? Do you wear your Summer wardrobe or your Autumn wardrobe? I am finding I am too hot in jumpers at the moment but chilly in vests. I had fun styling the kiddies in their Autumn wear last year and this year it’s my turn! Here are my Autumn fashion tips to help you get prepared… 

Find your staple pieces

At the moment, for me, these are: a pair of Skinny jeans in denim blue and black, black lace up pumps and a white tee. These go with multiple different items but they are go to pieces at the moment. This weather is quite unpredictable so a white tee can always be covered with a nice sweater or cardigan. 

Bold colours 

Bold colours seem to be trending at the moment. I love all the bold items in stores with stripes in reds and oranges, perfect for Autumn and they look really retro. Reminds me of an 80’s vibe, which I just love. I have stocked up on long sleeve tee’s in different colours which are great for out and about on a family day at the weekend. 

Choose the right scarf

Now I am a big scarf fan. During the colder months I wear scarves all the time. Big scarves that act as blankets when I am at my desk – perfecto! I have various colours to go with different outfits and this year I will be on the look out for a fun, bold, scarf to go with the trends in the shops. A colourful pattern! Layering is on trend for Autumn 2018, according to the Telegraph, so I will be making sure I have my layers at the ready. 

Look out for bargains

For those little extras you need to purchase still, make sure you get the right items in a bargain. I am always on the hunt for a good deal and I noticed at Debenhams there is a 20% off Shoes & Bags Event across Women’s Accessories & Men’s Accessories from Monday 17th September until Sunday 23rd September. So if you are wanting to stock up your wardrobes ready for Autumn, this is a handy little saving! 

The bargain code for Debenhams free click and collect on orders under £30 is: SH3J

Scan the shop floors

I like to browse the shop floors to get inspiration of what is out at the moment, I look through various shops and make a mental list of themes. So for example at the moment the bold colours are a strong theme. I then go back and buy the items I liked most from the shops, but I do that bit online! It’s a sneaky tip and it works. 

Do you have any tips for Autumn fashion? If so I would love to hear them in the comments below or on Social Media: @mummyconstant. Looking forward to seeing your #OOTD posts on Instagram (Outfit of the day incase you are not down with the hashtags)! 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 18th September 2018