Getting fit with the right footwear

This might sound silly, but at the start of the year I had my “normal” trainers. You know, the bog standard ones you buy because they are pink and look pretty. My feet used to hurt when I did exercise and fitness, my toes would be sore and the under arch of my foot. Recently Brantano introduced me to Sketchers and the new memory foam trainers and they have made such a difference to my fitness mentality!

Not only do they look nice, they are a great shape, they just feel like I am putting my feet onto fluffy clouds lined with silk. I feel happy about wearing this trainers, it makes me want to go out and use them. I do sometimes wear them just to walk around the house, the days when I don’t make it out for a run.

The Sketchers Flex Appeal running trainers come in a variety of colours, and retail for around £60.00. You can get slightly different styles for slightly different prices, but these running trainers are quite perfect for running. I love the colours too as they go with all of my fitness clothes.

You can find more trainers and other shoes on the Brantano website: They currently have a mid-season sale on too, so quick get shopping!

Do you have a favourite pair of trainers? I would love to hear about them, please leave a comment below!


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