I can’t speak for everyone but to me 24 weeks is a milestone!! From 24 weeks a little baby, if born, has a higher chance of surviving with help from the professionals. 24 weeks is the cut off for abortions (which I cannot understand how anyone would voluntary do at 23 weeks!! ) My opinion and it might be harsh, but I do not understand it! You can feel every movement at 23 weeks, it’s a rather large baby that could survive if born. Makes me sad. I know there are circumstances where people have to, which is completely different. Im just meaning those people that decide at 23 weeks that they just don’t want it anymore… Strong opinion but that’s my opinion! It’s also around the 6 month mark, 1/2 a year is a long time and a lot has happened with baby in that time. Oh and there’s 16 weeks left! Eek!


So the 24 week bumpometer says 89.5cms round and I now weigh a great big 9st!

I’m feeling loads of movement this time around, I literally feel everything. The bump is a little fidget pants, but that’s very reassuring so I’m happy with it! I’ve only had the odd few occasional uncomfortable prods in the side, ribs or below!!


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Last Update: Saturday, 14th January 2012