This weekend we had so much fun, we very spontaneously ended up at High Lodge in Thetford Forest. I had never heard of it before but it is only 40 minutes away from us and it was a great place to spend a sunny September day. We had a picnic in the forest, then headed out for a three mile trail around the beautiful surroundings and it was just perfect family fun. 

We made a video of our little adventure, which I hope you will enjoy below.  There was so much to do that we will definitely be going back soon and we even purchased two new mountain bikes on Sunday so we can make the most of the beautiful cycle trails on offer there. I am so excited. 

If you are ever in the Thetford area I would totally recommend this place, we are also heading back there for Noah’s birthday to do Junior Go Ape. Noah loved the look of the end zip wire, not so sure he will like it up the trees when we get up there though. 



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