Shopping with two children, especially this time of year, is just incredibly frustrating. For both parents and the children no doubt.  Running around the store with the two of them, arguing about what they can and cannot have. Noah claiming that he needs the next Lego set which costs over £20 and Isla screaming because she wants the entire girls’ toy aisle, and not forgetting the cakes. Oh Coco pops. And all the Easter items that are in store at the moment. It’s much easier getting it all delivered, exactly when I want it and for free! This is what the Tesco’s Delivery saver can offer you. 

I live near quite a large Tesco store and a Tesco Express for that matter, so I had never really thought about ordering online and getting it delivered before. After logging into my Tesco account and realising Tesco had remembered everything I had ever purchased, topped with the new delivery saver offer – it was a win win situation. Oh and not forgetting the blueberries luring me in from the advert on the Tesco website.


Every time I have been in Tesco and used my clubcard, which is everytime as we use the points to go out for meals with, Tesco remembers my items and makes a list of my favourites. So when I log into Tesco online, I can simply click on my account and see my favourites. Click on the items I would like to add to my basket and shop online like normal. I was quite amazed.

The other reason for not getting my shopping delivered was because I didn’t really see the point in paying for the delivery, when I am literally a mile away from the store. I can pick it up when I am passing after work for example. With the new delivery saver offer, I didn’t need to worry about the delivery charges as you pay a monthly fee and get unlimited deliveries (over £40) and also free next-day delivery too. So, guess what? Yes, I get my food delivered everytime now. I can be organised, which I love. I can also sit around in my comfy clothes, with Isla and Noah on half term and relax with a cup of tea until the shopping arrives.


And if any of you are as organised as I am, I love the fact the shopping list came in an organised fashion – cupboard items, chilled, frozen etc. It’s the little things that make me smile.

Blueberry image by ShutterStock. Delivery image by Tesco. Shopping list photo taken by myself. 

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Last Update: Friday, 19th February 2016