Solid hardwood floors have many benefits that inspire homeowners to install this kind of flooring. These hardwood floors are highly durable and the daily cleaning of such floors is very easy. Moreover, the natural hardwood floor renders an aesthetic look to an entire house. Hence, it is obvious that the selling price of a house can be much higher due to the presence of solid wood flooring. According to a real estate market report, buyers are more inclined to pay even higher than quoted prices for houses with hardwood floors.  

Expenses of hardwood flooring – Usually, oak, maple, cherry, and walnut are the woods preferred as flooring materials. All these hardwoods are quite expensive. Thus, the entire cost may seem to be quite high for a house owner. However, he needs to consider many other aspects while rethinking about this expense. 

Beneficial factors of a hardwood floor – The solid wood flooring lasts for a lifetime and hardly needs any repair, saving money in that course. Generally, carpet is not needed over a hardwood floor, as it is quite comfortable even in chilling weather, thus saving the expense of buying costly carpets and rugs. Moreover, people suffering from allergies do not need to bear the mites hiding within the old carpets. 

Provides a high return on this investment – It is found that the average Return on Investment in the case of houses with hardwood floors can shoot up to 80% of the original property value. Real estate experts hold the opinion that the installation of hardwood flooring can increase the price of a house by approximately 2.5% of the quoted selling price. However, the location of the house, condition of its other features, and the layout style of the flooring also affect the price range while selling that property. Thus, it is essential to install the best quality solid wood flooring and hire an expert professional for the installation job, to make sure of getting the highest return while selling the house. 

Now, faux hardwood is available in the market at much cheaper prices than natural hardwood flooring. Since the engineered hardwood is combined with fiberboards, all the benefits of natural hardwood can be obtained. Thus, house owners can expect similar selling prices of their properties, as it can be in the case of solid wood flooring. As the investment is much lower for engineered wood, their profit will be higher while selling their homes. 

We love adding the extra special finishing touches to our home and we are really considering solid wood flooring for our living room. A big decision!

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Last Update: Monday, 4th May 2020