As a mother, some days can feel like you’re running on empty, burning the candle at both ends, and desperately need a reset. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mother or juggling a professional life along with your private life, it can feel like getting a moment to yourself to relax is impossible. Taking some time to pamper myself is essential to keep on top of this busy life; Mum and full time work is a tough game.

Maybe the answer to your stress is a girl’s weekend out of town, creating a spa routine at home, or going to the movies alone. There are many ways that mothers can pamper themselves; some complete splurges, and others more affordable. If you’re looking for ways to hit the reset button without breaking the bank, keep reading for all the inspiration you need. 

Take a Hike 

Sure, some days we feel like telling our responsibilities to take a hike, but take this advice literally. You may not think that heading to the great outdoors is relaxing, but for plenty of people, there is nothing more calming. Turning your phone off and walking through the local park, woods at the end of your neighborhood, or even a stroll to your local library can do wonders for your mental health. Even if you walk at a leisurely pace, the endorphins from exercise are a well-known mood booster. Try to find time to get outside and clear your head; it costs nothing!

Deep Clean 

Taking a hot bath is something about which most new mothers fantasize. No interruptions, your favourite coconut body wash, candles, and warm water. Taking a bath has health benefits beyond relaxation too. Warm water helps with blood flow; it gets the oxygen flowing through you and helps you breathe deeper and easier. Hot baths have also been shown to improve heart health, help depression and even boost brain function and your immune system. So, while you’re pampering yourself, you’re also improving your mental and physical health – sounds like a win/win.

Cozy Up Alone 

Most mothers report a feeling of being overstimulated and touched out several times a week. With so many little people needing things from you, not to mention all your other obligations, it can feel like you never get time for yourself. While it’s tempting to fall into bed right after putting your kids down for the night, carving time out for you can be incredibly beneficial. Cozy up alone with a good book or your favorite series on a streaming service. You are honoring your emotional well-being by pampering yourself in this way and honoring your interests. 

Sleep In 

While this isn’t easy if you’re a single parent to very young children, it’s a great way to show self-love if you have a partner to help out or your children are old enough to wake up alone. Sleep is a massive factor in overall health, and not getting enough sleep is a common complaint among mothers. We’ve got so many balls in the air we’re juggling all the time that working on them or worrying about them can keep you up at night. Scheduling time to sleep in, even once a week, can feel luxurious if you’re not used to doing so. 

Treat Yourself 

This is a list of affordable ways to pamper yourself, so don’t go overboard, but treating yourself to something you love always feels good. Even the most minimalist mother can think of something that would make her feel good to purchase. It can be as simple as fresh flowers from the farmer’s market or more expensive as a new handbag. Budgeting for a family takes a lot of work, and some mothers don’t budget for their wants; if this sounds like you, give yourself permission to treat yourself.

We live in a society that celebrates being busy. The adage “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is something we hear from so many people, whether they’re young or old, parents or childless. This isn’t, however, always the healthiest mindset. You’ve got one life to live, and providing your children with a safe and healthy home, not to mention a happy mother, is essential. You’re not alone if you’re feeling burnt out and overworked as a mom. Let the above ways inspire you to start looking after and pamper yourself; you’re worth it.

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Last Update: Monday, 26th September 2022

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