Have you ever woken up in the morning and groaned about the fact that you planned to go for a run at this time? Have you ever tried to lose weight but kept falling back into your old habits? Do you know what it’s like to feel strangely annoyed about the fact that you have to exercise or partake in a training program to get stronger or fitter? I often find that combative side of me come out when it’s fitness related.

If so, don’t worry. Most people have thought these things at one point or another. You are in no way ‘less than’ or have less potential than others just because of it. Such thoughts may mean, however, that you feel somewhat unhappy with how you’ve integrated fitness into your lifestyle, and perhaps your plans haven’t been as sustainable as they could have been as a result.

That’s okay. There’s always a way to better our approach. In this post, we hope to discuss methods for achieving that and more, and also why they make such a difference to your overall results. Without further ado, please consider:

Take It At Your Own Pace

Make sure to take working out and getting fitter at your own pace. After all, listening to your body is important here, and if you’ve spent several years untrained then it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to start an olympic training program with no forewarning.

For some people, simply going for a long walk or a run on a treadmill, using an app like Couch 2 5k, may be a once-a-week affair. Once this becomes a necessary part of your schedule, you can improve the frequency and help yourself grow as a result. It doesn’t matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone sat down. On top of that, you’ll be more able to ease into a better fitness routine. We’re here to make lasting changes, not to dismiss ourselves as silly for even trying.

Go With A Friend!

Of course, when you go with a friend you can enjoy the activity more, especially if you can laugh about how much it sucks to start out. Going with a friend can also help you offer that moral support to one another, which simply doesn’t feel the same when it’s coming from your personal trainer.

You can start slow with your friend, too, like attending a swimming exercise class with them, or taking some time to attend dance lessons. It can’t hurt to enjoy a renewed sense of activity with someone you trust, especially if it helps you overcome that sense of resentment for the gym. This may become an activity that you begin to love simply because of how much it helps you bust your weekly stress.

Try An Activity You Actually Enjoy

When we think about fitness, it’s easy to think about someone running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike, frowning all the way, hating every minute of it. But you don’t have to feel locked into a particular training regimen. There are boundless possibilities out there worth considering, and you may be surprised just how effective finding a craft you love can be.

For instance, it might be that there’s a local rowing club in your area thanks to your town being situated on a great river. It could be that membership is actually quite cheap there, and working out using the equipment is worthwhile. Get on a rowing machine, and you may start to feel like you were born to use those movements as opposed to running, enjoying it the entire time despite the difficulty. Stranger things have happened, and it can’t hurt to try and focus on a little more possibility as far as that’s concerned.

It’s Okay To Use Little Boosters

There’s no shame in using little boosters like tracking apps to help you count your steps each day, or to remind you to take your fitness supplements like fish oil or those sourced from sites like pharmagear.pro.

From here you may decide to utilize protein shakes, or even pre-workout supplements and caffeine designed to get you in the headspace before you start working out. Even the best athletes need these from time to time, and so provided you’ve got a good training program in place, it can’t hurt to see what options are available in the long run.

With this advice, you’re sure to stop feeling combative about fitness, because you’ll have made fitness work for you. Who knows where you could go from here, and what results you could possibly achieve?

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Last Update: Thursday, 15th December 2022

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