Craft a Mason Jar for Christmas

These little jars are a great idea for personalised Christmas gifts, or birthday gifts for that matter. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you can put anything in them, anything that you think the person in question will love. All you need is a little imagination.


All you need is a Mason Jar, which you can buy from any large supermarkets, Dun Elm sell the jars I have photographed in this post and you can order them online from many places. You also need some Christmas ribbon to tie around the pot lids, this adds a lovely touch of personalisation. You could also make a tag to hang from the ribbon if you want to specify what is in the pot, maybe write a little poem and print it on to a luggage tag. The final touch to the jar is what to put inside, this can be anything that will fit and something specific to the person makes it really special.


Content ideas

  • You could pour in someones favourite sweeties, M&M’s for example or Jelly Babies, or a collection of fantastic retro sweets: Black Jacks are an old favourite of mine. If you want to be even more particular you could find a sweet of their favourite colour: pink pear drops or yellow sherbet sweets and the jars will look cute with one colour in them.
  • Fill the jars with coloured sand, or autumn leaves, or make your own pot purri and pierce holes in the jar lid so that they smell delicious in people’s rooms.
  • Theme a jar to a Christmas character and put coloured sweets inside, like a green elf or a red Santa.
  • Baking ingredients for a cake, biscuits or hot chocolate with marshmallows and attach the baking instructions on the tag.
  • Candle with a Christmas theme to the jar and candle.
  • Include a manicure kit, or nail varnish kit in a jar for a little gift.

I have included some fantastic ideas I found on Pinterest in my board below: Make it – Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

Follow Sonia’s board Make it – Mason Jar Christmas Crafts on Pinterest.


Have fun making your Mason Jar Christmas gifts, I would love to hear any more ideas and see some photos online, share them with me on Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest and Instagram.

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