It suddenly occurred to me that I should share my fun Halloween makes this year as it might inspire some of you that have Cricut Maker machines. Or if you are good at freehand then you could do it without the tech. We have had fun making our new home fit for Halloween this year, it’s nice finding new homes for our Autumnal goodies. We have also been personalising our Halloween goodies too.

Personalised Halloween costumes

Haribo tasked me with making our own Halloween costumes this year, personalising our Halloween outfits has been a lot of fun. So we up cycled some of our old clothes and previous Halloween outfits to make new ones. The idea we had was to make Noah the Joker and turn Isla into Batgirl. I think they look absolutely amazing in their outfits. We had so much fun making these.

To make the Joker tee I created a Green Tie using Cricut iron-on, I designed a simple tie shape in Cricut Design Space. I then made colourful spots to add to the t-shirt to add a splash of colour, the Joker dresses in bright colours so I wanted to carry on the theme. We can also re-use this tee for Children in Need too!

To make Isla’s Batgirl tee I simply create a bat shape using Cricut Design Space and then added the wording. With the wording, if you move it on top of the shape and use the slice tool – it cuts around the top layer onto the bottom layer and creates that cut out effect. I thought this was a good way of getting the original shirt pattern to come through the bath shape. She wanted a purple bat shape and so that’s what she got!

Personalised Halloween bucket

I had this idea today of adding the kiddies names to their Halloween buckets. They can be re-used every year and so not adding to the plastic heaps! I added some sweeties, healthy snacks and chocolate to the buckets too. I am sure they are going to go down a treat!

To make the buckets I used two different materials; the green foil is Cricut adhesive foil and the holographic shiny material is holographic vinyl. I think the vinyl might wash off if these buckets are washed so its best to wipe them clean. It was the only holographic material I had (otherwise I would have used more adhesive foil. I used a font that looked Halloween themed and simply stuck the letters onto the buckets. It was a really simple way of making these cheap buckets a keepsake for years to come. I made my kiddies and also one for my nephew and niece. I love them.

Such simple ideas but don’t they look fabulous? I would love to see your Halloween fun ideas online, tag me: @mummyconstant and I will take a look!

I was previously gifted the Cricut Maker, this post is all my own ideas and design.

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