Last weekend we took a trip to Thurleigh Farm, there was a break in the rain and miserable weather – so we grabbed it with both hands. We have a year family pass, so making the most of these afternoons at the farm is a lot of fun – seeing the animals, tractor rides, soft play and the adventure playground means that there is a lot to do.


Noah’s favourite thing to do is to try everything, at least for a few minutes – to make the most out of where he is and what he is doing, yes it is his age! But it is nice that the farm has a lot to offer and so for someone like Noah it is great. We fed the llamas, goats and piggies, I love llamas they look so funny and I really like the photo I took of this one:


The children loved getting involved and feeding the animals, even Isla was getting stuck in – not afraid of anything! Noah was a little more reserved to begin with but after he saw Isla participating he soon joined in too.


We had a lot of fun in the playground, climbing up the pirate ship which is new there and handmade by Farmer Nick (incredible) and we had a lot of fun on the zipwire and tractors – I actually felt like a care free toddler myself…

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My favourite part of the day though was watching them bounce and have fun on the trampolines, we miss our big trampoline (I think we need a new one in the garden now) and watching their happy faces whilst chasing each other on the bed of bounciness and having fun – it was so cute to watch. Daddy got some great action shots too:

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