A Superman- or Batman- themed party is a great way for kids to use their energy and creativity to have a ton fun.  But when there is an exact split in the number of fans of each superhero, how do you decide which party to throw? If this happens, the answer is simple—split the kids into sides and let the heroes compete!  Here are 3 fun themed activities for an awesome Superman vs. Batman party without having to spend a ton of money. 


Super Hero Target Practice

A fun game to get the party going is one where the kids have to rid the world of super villains.  Go online and find large printables of famous villains like The Riddler or The Joker, Batman’s arch enemies, and print them out.  Glue them to foam core or poster board and hang them throughout your yard. 

Now take two buckets of colored water (green for kryptonite for the Superman team and black for Batman) and place them at equal distances from all of the targets.  Each kid gets three throws with sponges to try and hit the targets.  The ones farthest away are worth more points and the ones closest to you will be worth less.  You can tell where the hits are based on where the colored mark starts on the printouts.  Whichever team gets the most points wins. 


The Superheroes’ Obstacle Challenge

A Superheroes’ Obstacle challenge can be a great way for kids to get out their energy and have a ton of fun.  Set up an obstacle course with hoops to jump through, tracks to run, and other fun things for the kids.  Each kid will be assigned  one obstacle they have to complete, or you can have each kid run the entire course. 

As each kid approaches an obstacle, there will be a parent waiting who will assign them a weakness based on their hero.  Since Batman was afraid of the dark, they make have to make it through the hoops with a blindfold, or if it’s Superman, you can say that Superman has been weakened by Kryptonite and that they must belly crawl across a track instead of walking or jogging it.  Other weaknesses could be that the Superheroes’ girlfriends have been kidnapped and to rescue them they have to answer enough of the Riddler’s riddles correctly throughout the obstacle course.  This once easy obstacle course is now one that only someone with super powers, amazing tools, or super intelligence can complete. 


Superhero Pictionary 

This is a fun spin on a classic game.  Get a large paper pad and an easel and lots of colored markers that are safe for kids.  Now print out the names of super heroes, villains, powers, weaknesses or even famous tools the characters use.  Keep the teams split into two and as the kids go up to draw, they each get to pick one of the sheets of paper.  If their team doesn’t guess the drawing correctly within a minute, the other team gets a chance to guess correctly and earn a point.  Superhero Pictionary can be a fun game to wind down the day and recharge after everyone is tired from running around and playing outside.    

To finish the party, you need to find party favors.  You could make boring treat bags, or you could try something fun like Superman pajamas or Batman pajamas for kids with capes that cost about the same as other gift bag ideas when you buy them for the whole party.  FunKidsPajamas.com does this at affordable prices, but you have to call or email first.  The next cool thing you could do is go onto Amazon and buy ‘grow your own rock’ candy kits for the kids.  You can easily call these kits Kryptonite.  Think of something fun that lasts longer than some candy and can be educational or fun for the kids.  The pajamas will help them remember the party and also give the kids something fun they can wear, and the make your own rock candy kits help to teach them about chemistry and gives them something cool to take home. 

Superhero parties for kids are always a blast.  If your kids are split on which hero they like more, there is an easy solution.  Create a Superhero A vs. Superhero B party and split the teams into their favorite heroes.  Now they can compete with their powers and pretend to be their favorite heroes, everyone wins. 

Mary is a blogger who likes to write about weddings, parties and fun events.  She loves helping to come up with unique ideas for foods, parties and is always happy to share some of her ideas.  

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Last Update: Saturday, 8th March 2014