It suddenly dawned on me that since we have lived in our new house, we haven’t been over to our local park to check it out. It is literally a 2 minute walk from where we live, so we saw a break in the weather where the sun was out and we escaped to have some fun. And what fun we had? FL2A3002

It is amazing what an hour in the park can do, we had fun running and chasing, getting muddy and adventures finding things that we hadn’t seen for a long time. My children are obsessed with twigs, they love finding twigs and being imaginative with them. I can understand why – I could be a wizard, an elderly person with a walking stick, hunting for treasure or using it as a telescope. I wish I knew what they were thinking when they have these moments of imaginative play.




We made good use of the park facilities, making sure we went on absolutely everything, it’s amazing how they just run from thing to thing in such excitement that they barely spend any time on anything. They did have lots of fun on the slide together though, which was fun. Chase always become a huge factor of their games at the moment.





We had some fun on the zip wire whilst we were there, Isla has never been on one before so she was a little apprehensive at first but she loved it. So did Mummy. Noah had his first go, on his own on the zip wire and he thought it was brilliant too. The only reason we came back home was because it started to rain. But guess where we are going again this weekend – that’s right, off to the park for some more splishy sploshy fun.




You have to admit that my little ones look very adorable together, playing nicely, I love the photos that hubby took whilst we were out playing. I am very lucky. These are some of my favourites from our trip to the local park:









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