As you may be aware from reading my blog, we are lucky to have a big, beautiful fluffy cat. He is a house cat so he doesn’t get out much and it’s nice once in a while to give him a little treat. Cat’s hate water, well most cats hate water, so bathing him is a no go zone – but Pet Head have made it possible for me to clean little Rocky (our fluffy cat) without the need for a bath. DSC_3201

Not only do they smell divine, they give him a little dry clean which I wouldn’t normally be able to do with Rocky. Because he is a fluffy cat he sheds a lot of fur especially around this time of year, we find clumps of fur all over the floor where he has been grooming himself whilst we have been at work. So the Pretty Kitty Deshedding wipes are perfect to help keep on top of this and they smell yummy too. The dogs even came over and gave Rocky a little sniff! The Dry Clean spray shampoo smells edible, I absolutely love this product and the great thing about it is I can give Rocky a quick spray and let him dash off into the horizon! Nothing is needed to be done afterwards, so I can just let him get on with his cleaning routine, knowing that he smells beautiful and he has just been dry cleaned.




You can see Rocky has a lot of fluffy hair, looks quite clumpy – not matted, but not groomed! The mane around his neck is very fluffy looking where it needs to loose some of the fur. A perfect experiment.



Rocky’s fur was damp, smelt absolutely amazing and you could see where the fur wasn’t as fluffy in areas where it had been before hand. If I continue to use the deshedding wipes every day, like it advises, I am confident all of the fluffy fur will be gone.


The Company of Animals have done a fantastic job with these products, they have really thought about what cats do not like and how we as humans can help to keep our pets smelling beautiful and keeping clean. After all it is a lot easier to bath and clean a dog! These products look like my favourite shampoo and conditioner range, Tigi Bed Head and you can certainly see some similarities between the two brands. So it wasn’t a great shock to me to learn that these products are made by the same team that created Tigi Bed Head. Now my cat can be posh like me!


One thing that really concerned me was spraying Rocky with the dry clean, knowing that he would clean himself afterwards – it’s just a natural cat reaction I think. But I was assured by The Company of Animals that Pet Heads’ unique formulas are pH adjusted and free of any nasty ingredients that could harm your pet if licked or swallowed. Phew. Rocky was safe to clean, clean, clean.


There are some fabulous products on The Company of Animals website: – I really want to get the dogs range for Rambo and Snoopy and I am especially interested in the Crazy Cat Lady Spray – I know Rocky is male, but his litter tray is in desperate need of something to make it smell nice. After one wee it can certainly give off a pong.



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Last Update: Saturday, 22nd February 2014