#Countrykids: Camping in Wales

Last weekend we headed off to Wales, as you do, for a little camping trip – we wanted to get the essence that we were out of the country but not too far away, it was so lovely to stay in the valleys and the forest the scenery was beautiful. I think next time we will stay a little longer to make the most of the walks and beautiful things around us. My camera broke so you will have to make do with my iPhone photos this week!


We arrived at the campsite really late, a lot later than we had planned, due to a car that caught fire on the M25. We do normally travel a different way to that part of the world but because we ventured south to pick the little ones up en route it made sense to carry on travelling south to the M25 – hindsight is a wonderful thing. We queued for an hour on the motorway, in sometimes stand still traffic. It was quite depressing but the children didn’t seem too bothered and seemed to take it in their stride. We finally got to camp about 8pm, got the tent set up somehow and quickly cooked our dinner: spaghetti bolognese. The little ones ate theirs really quickly and were soon tucked up in bed, talking to eachother from their sleeping bags until we heard snoring. It was so cute.

camping (3)

 On Saturday we took a drive to Barry Island as the kids love the beach, fun fair and the promenade all around the beach area. It was a great fun watching them playing and being silly, it makes you so happy inside knowing that the children are having a whale of a time! Even if you are freezing cold, wishing you were eating cake and drinking coffee in a warm cafe near by, well I was for a small moment!

seaside (2)

Sunday morning was a real treat for about 20 minutes and then it started to spit, so we made a quick decision to pack up earlier than intended and make a bee line for home. We got home in 3 hours, much better than 5 hours and after tidying up the camping gear we made some cakes and finished off our camping themed weekend by cooking dinner on the BBQ and eating al fresco. It was a great way to finish off the weekend!

camping (1) camping (2) seaside (3) seaside (4)

This was our view from the tent, pretty great wouldn’t you agree?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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