#CountryKids A walk in the park…

This weeks Country Kids is a bit of a throw back because Noah and Mummy have had flu all weekend, so it was important that we rested up. Instead Daddy took Isla on adventures, just father & daughter time.


A few weeks ago daddy took the children for a walk in the park and fields at the back of the town, I loved the photos that he took along the way. I couldn’t wait to show them off on the blog.

They helped walk the doggies, throwing the ball for them and chasing around in the big long grass. It’s amazing how carefree and playful the little ones are, I wish we could all be like this, all of the time!

I love the sibling bond they are developing every day, it’s getting closer and more loving each day. Cuddles, kisses, care, thoughtfulness and generosity are all showing through.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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