On Saturday we found a gap in the rain and decided it was time to do something and we went to Thurleigh Farm, which is our local activity farm. It stayed dry enough for us to have a bit of fun in the park, with the animals and a fire engine journey and then a lot of fun inside in the soft play. It was great as it was quite empty – the place to ourselves. It was late in the afternoon!

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Whilst we were waiting for the fire engine to get in line and ready for a fun “nee nar” ride, we played in the park. The park at Thurleigh Farm is huge – there is a pirate ship which was built by the farmer himself and there is a huge play area complete with zip wire. It is so much fun, the kids love running around with all the freedom and causing havoc too of course. It was just dry enough when we got there to use the slides and swings without getting soaking wet. Phew. Then the fire engine was ready so we hopped on and Noah and Isla took a turn at being fire men, it was really cute watching them get involved.

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We took a wonder around the farm, the llama’s were being a bit lazy, that or getting their patch of warm and dry grass before it hammered it down again. We spent a little time there before the heavens opened and we had to make a dash for inside.

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The other great thing about this farm is that there is a fantastic indoor area where the children can play on the slides, sand pits, soft play and huge ball pool – we even managed to sit back with a cream tea, which is a luxury when out with the little ones. It was nice to get out and about despite the weather and I am very glad we did.

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