A Spring time vegetarian stew #CookinginStyle

I was asked by belling.co.uk to think of a recipe that reflects my own unique cooking style. I love cooking recipes where it can be thrown into a stew pot or wok and left to simmer over hours, developing a tasty sauce that is perfect for dipping a tiger loaf into. So it didn’t take me long to think about my new favourite vegetarian stew recipe, which you can put a Spring twist on too now that the weather is warming up a little. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’19’]


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  • LOOKS gREAT. hERE’S AN IDEA for use in a crock pot or slow cooker: Parboil a few sweet potatoes. Let them cook. then peel and grate them (If you can grate them without parboiling, so much the better.) Mix them with plain or wholemeal flour. Add some grated onion, carrot, celery and horseradish. Add just enough water to form into a dumpling. Then cook the dumpling with anything else you care to put into the crock pot (meat or poultry if you’re a carnivore, onions, beans, lentils and carrots if you not) and cook it for a few hours at a low temp – even overnight if you’re adventurous!

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