Another Crawling update…

Well Noah is getting rather quick around the house now:

 I couldnt believe how quickly he went after Rambo! He loves the doggies, he just wants to run around with them…I can see it in his eyes.

We now have 6 teeth with the 7th tooth to come through at anytime, its just under the surface… he has been so happy this week, you wouldnt know he was teething! Bless him.

The sleep-time routine is going really well, all week I have been putting him to bed with his bottle and he has been drifting off on his own, drinking his milk and snuggling in his bed. Its so cute to see… I need to get a projector thing for his bedroom now. I never got one before because he used to sleep on his tummy, so he didnt really see anything except his mattress sheet! 🙂 Any ideas on good ones?

Noah liked investigating everything and interrogating everyone at Tesco this week. He was watching everyone, whilst chilling in the trolley – like “lady muck” in the male form. He does make me laugh. He is so much fun at the moment, we play games, he interacts, he really hugs you, he laughs and smiles with you. He is just adorable.

8 months tomorrow, can you believe it?

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  • I love your video of Noah getting around, and the determination in his face to get Rambos leg lol. He is growing up so quick. We must come over and see you soon. I am drawing my competition this week, only had about 8 enteries so fingers crossed Phoebie pulls Noah out of the hat. The last competition I did, she pulled out my next door neighbour.

    Thank you for adding me to your site I saw it today when I looked at my states and I have had quite a few hits from here. Thanks xxx

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